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May 1st 1987 Hanover Wrecker Service makes its debut lead by West Virginia native Michael Blankenship. Blankenship was an entrepreneur and hard worker who was determined to build an empire.


Today Hanover Wrecker is lead by Michael's only child, Tyler Blankenship. In 2019 Tyler transitioned the company into a more modern business utilizing technology and training. Towbook became the first implementation with WreckMaster training courses following. This lead to the expansion of the buisness from West Virginia to Tennessee. 


As President of Hanover Wrecker Service, I Tyler Blankenship, would like to give all credit for my success and growth the my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who I will be following as he leads the way into the future. Who holds the future in his hands. He has provided me a life more abundantly. God Bless

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