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All About Hanover Wrecker Service est 1987

Our Vision.

While the towing industry has been around for many years and so has Hanover Wrecker Service, the vehicles and equipment has changed significantly. We pride ourselves in providing services with techniques focused on today's vehicles and towing equipment. Investing in our education and training with WreckMaster has opened new doors of opportunity for us. We hope to take what we have and what we have learned to each and every call we encounter. Customers deserve the highest level of quality we can offer.


Get Wrecker Service in shortest time possible!

Our Customer care agents are available 24 hours. They will ask leading questions to help establish your location and your problem to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Being able to respond in as short a while as possible, has remained to be our priority especially for people requesting for towing at night.


Professional Towing & Roadside

We are  safe and dependable, we want to set the example as a tow truck business. We take great pleasure in our standing for excellent work and satisfied clients.
When you are in an automobile accident and want assistance. Hanover Wrecker Service is prepared to leave quickly around-the-clock! We want to be recognized around town as the go-to shop when something goes wrong while you’re on the road because of our quick response times that far surpass customers’ expectations and affordable costs for all sorts of vehicles (including luxury automobiles). Call Hanover Wrecker Service if your car requires help so we can give you a rapid update on the nature of the issue and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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